Crown and Sugarloaf

Asked to visualise a pub in Central London that served Bitter at £1.96 and lager not far above you would perhaps imagine a scene from Hogarth of ravaged alcoholics staring mournfully into their beer in an equally decrepit pub. A mobility scooter parked in the corner its basket in front full of dented tins and Special Brew. Such places exist but they certainly aren't the Crown and Sugarloaf or for that matter any of the other Sam Smith's pubs in Central London. Tucked away off Fleet Street its easy to imagine it once being a smoky joint serving Journalists and and printworkers. These days the clientele are more likely to be Bankers and Barristers.

Located so close to St Pauls and rich in original features you would expect it to be bustling but rarely is. Perhaps in part due to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (close to Dr Johnson's House) being a little further up Fleet Street or that tucked in an alleyway people simply detour to pubs on the main thoroughfare.

If you are looking for a pint of Stella or Guinness or anything else other than Sam Smiths you will be disappointed. Choice isn't a word that's used freely in a Sam Smith's pub nor is it a word that is really required. You've got a bitter, stout a couple of lagers and if you want anything else you are in the wrong place. The bitter is smooth and perfect for a session and the Alpine lager is crisp and to my mind as good or better than most premium pub brands. The distinct advantage being that they are cheap.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent pint and good barstaff on my visit, thankfully these little pubs still exist