Turner Prize: Chip #3

Turner Prize furore is fast approaching; with the prize announcement on 6th December and work available to view from today at Tate Britain.

The Daily Mail and other such liberal minded publications will be sharpening their knives and preparing their blunt rhetoric for another year. In a time of recession is there anything better for them to tear into than something which is modern, conceptual and is ultimately destined to have a price tag attached equal to a 3 bed detached in Nuneaton and a top of the range Mondeo? Rule of thumb being that if it isn't at least 150 years old, appropriated from another culture or of some naked bird then surely it cannot be art.


Lou and I were at Tate Britain over the weekend (I can stroke my chin with the best of them) to deliver my Turner entry. Only to be told that this isn't the way it works. And there was me thinking it was akin to The Gallery on Hartbeat. I explained i've been referred to as an artist of note on many occasions. Often preceeded with the word piss but an artist all the same. This as you can imagine didn't sway the good people of the Tate and tail between my legs, retired to the Canton Arms, safely across the bridge.

So instead I share it with your goodselves. The Pub Diaries presents: Chip #3.

I would ask interested buyers to form an orderly queue behind Charlie Saatchi. Don't worry there's plenty to go round... I've got a bowl full..


Cooking Lager said...

It's good, but ketchup?

Got one with mayo?

The Pub Diaries said...

This isn't arttoorder.com. Who do you think I am Damian Hurst?

Sid Boggle said...

I assume the table is included..?

Sid Boggle said...

It wouldn't work with mayo, Cookie. The chip is the banking system, and the ketchup the blood of the workers and the oppressed, squashed into a surface of honest English oak. The ketchup skidmark reminds us of those lost in the carnage since 2007. Poignant...

Of course, I could change my mind once I've seen chips #1 and #2.

The Pub Diaries said...

The oak is extra... and you'd need to negotiate that with The Bear in Oxford (that's a pub not some mythical art dealing brown bear who wears a fez... or is it... i'm confused).

As to the semantics I leave to the viewer to draw their own meaning (semantics, not used that word since A-Levels).