SE1 Beer Revival: The Dean Swift

Reaction to suggesting that SE1 was the go to place for beer lovers in London was unexpected; with hundreds of hits on the blog, Charlie McVeigh of the Draft House proclaimed the SE1 "beer revival" on Twitter and there were suggestions that NW1 was in fact the place to be. With the imminent opening of the Euston Tap it was a fair point but I stand by SE1 and beyond as superior.

In mentioning the big hitters in that post I'd relegated the rest to an etcetera. But these etceteras aren't mere footnotes and The Dean Swift is a good example. This Shad Thames pub on Lafone Street is just streets away from Tower Bridge and has the hallmarks of a local having undergone a change of ownership and a spruce up, while retaining a local feel. The choice on the bar isn't the vast head scratching exercise of the Draft House but there is still around 8 beers on tap, a mix of craft and the likes of Becks. To be honest after a busy day I just don't have the capacity to make decisions and with the increasingly popular Sierra Nevada on tap it’s an easy decision to make. Having paid over £5 in Shoreditch its more than fair at £4 a pint. A sharer of Fish and Chips serves as a good filler on our visit. Proper pub food in a basket is something that you don't see enough of.

Add in friendly and knowledgeable bar staff and and it’s a real winner. Another tick for SE1.
The Dean Swift
32 Lafone Street


Anonymous said...

I recently returned to the Dean Swift; a very different pub to the one I remember! I used to use the Dean as a football retreat from home, but since it's recent refit I have brought my family for Sunday lunch a couple of times and have been much impressed on both occasions. The beer selection is top notch and having been initially sceptical of the 'beer and cheese' menu, I was fully converted by staff enthusiasm and look forward to trying other varieties! Long live this SE1 beer resurgence!

Perry Luke said...

Great mention. I really like the Dean Swift. They also have a few (London) cask ales on too, sometimes including one from the Kernal brewery up the road. One of SE1's best pubs indeed!

William said...

Looks another quality London pub, thanks for the heads-up.