One Man Walking Pub Directory

The Pub Diaries came to me as do many ideas over a pint. I'd be asked the question of how many pubs I had been to since moving to London in 2006. I didn't have a clue. I just knew there were a lot. In the space of about 15 minutes I tallied over 200 (by no means an accurate figure). These 200+ were the places where I'd met, made and lost friends, had spectacularly good and bad blind dates (a blog in itself! But a gentlemen never tells) and where I would spend long Sunday lunches with friends or simply just a pint of Guinness and the paper when flatshare politics got too heated. Friends would call, email and text me for recommendations to the extent that I realised I'd become a one man walking pub directory. I'd always ask the same friends how it went and get a positive response. Tiring of the same old online pub comments and reviews I have decided to share my views of the best and worst of what London Pubs have to offer; so please join me as you read The Pub Diaries.

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