The Draft House Westbridge

Walking through the doors at The Draft House first impressions were good. A proper boozer with a bit of style. The fact that Van Morrison was playing just added to my admiration. As my Irish Postie once said to me "ahhh.... You can't beat a bit of Vannn da Maan"... Indeed you can't.

The Aussie barman greeted us with a smile and waited patiently while Lou and myself decided. She uncommonly choose quickly while I pondered the selection opting for a Sambrook's Wandle, brewed locally so I get to  do my environmental good deed for the day and reduce my beer mileage (if there is such a thing).

Having seen me eyeing the Sleemans Cream Ale the barman poured a small taster suggesting it maybe a good 2nd pint. He wasn't wrong. Crisp, cold, somewhere between a lager and an ale. My experience of Canadian beer is pretty much limited to Coors (and dare I say Coors Light) so I was interested in it finding its way to this corner of Battersea. The story goes that  a contact at the Canadian Embassy had misordered and rather than see it go to waste had passed on this fine beer. Whether this story had grown with each telling I can't say but it brought a smile to my face as did the beer.

Taking time we sat and deliberated over the menu, watching each plate as it came out of the open kitchen, each time changing our minds. Before hunger and fatigue set in we decided on an ample bucket of mussels to share  and thanks to the attentive table service enjoyed a few more Sleemans. All too soon it was time to move on, and although Battersea isn't local for me it will be one to visit again and again.

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