Climbing Off The Fence: Back Tracking

In the spirit of my previous post - Climbing Off The Fence - I feel it only right that I post this update. I portrayed myself as a normal CAMRA member. Not in the slightest like the sinister Mr Deltics portrayed by Pete Brown. At the time of posting it was the truth. However since then (a matter  of mere weeks) I have some shocking and rather shameful news. I have been dabbling in Steam. And I liked it. What does this mean? Is this the early onset of an addiction to Steam? It's a real worry. An addiction like this could spiral downward and before long I'm living in a Croydon bedsit eating from unlabelled tins and surrounded by cats dressed as station masters.

After spending the weekend at All Tomorrows Parties surrounded by the achingly cool, the prospect of a steam train was a strangely welcome one. I'd spent three days watching the likes of Broken Social Scene, Camera Obscura, The Fall, Pavement and The Clear but The West Somerset Railway was just too much of a pull. Running between Minehead and Bishop Lydeard it transports one at a more genteel pace through country and coastal views. Preferable to being thrown round bends on a sweaty bus full of hungover hipsters? Or maybe this is just a cover? I ask myself how long it will be until I am living with the cats and carrying my magazines in a plastic bag.

Does anyone know of any possible treatment?


Cooking Lager said...

Get yourself a copy of Nuts Magazine. This week with free 3D glasses for the 3D boobarama.

Sid Boggle said...

If you're enjoying The Fall, then Mark Smith as a Guru Of Cool admits all experiences you can defend.

Besides, having done the steam railway from Keighley to Haworth last year - the buffet is burgers and bacon and sausage sarnies washed down with cask ale - it occurs to me we've been diddled out of some kind of birthright.

Purchase your own pair of flabby wings and get on with it...