The Ship Aground: Mankini Man

Leaving Butlins we were back in the real world and looking for a pub. A proper pub. One without a theme. We found it in The Old Ship Aground; ideally placed by the quayside. Picnic tables looking out to sea; the perfect spot to soak up the rare glimpse of sun and enjoy a pint of Dartmoor Best. Having passed the Quay Inn further down the road this looked like the more local choice.

We could have happily sat for longer eyeing the Ploughmans, which looked to come with a months cheese intake. It wasn't to be as approaching we saw a gang of blokes approaching. I say blokes but they probably referred to each other as "chaps". A safe guess was that this was a stag do as one of their number was Mankini clad. For those who are uninitiated as to Mankini you want to think twice about googling it. Let's just say it's a piece of Lycra that leaves very little to the imagination. Initially the group caused some amusement as only a man half naked in fluroescent Lycra can, but told that they couldn't be inside unfortunately found the table next to us. If Butlins was Shoreditch on Sea this particular part of Minehead had become overrun with Claphamites. No need to Google this just think public school boys. As we left without eating I did get berated by Lou and Hadedar for being too judgemental. The advantage of writing a blog is that I can say I was 100% right. I'll let you decide. A selection of comments:

• Dan Dan Dan has never been to Prague...

• OHHH MY GOD they were real locals.... Then I chundered haw haw haw

• Thats well loco man

And my favourite

• Edward, get me a Real Ale with a top.

Standing this no more we headed down to the Quay Inn.  It's a second choice and seems to be struggling with the slight increase in their custom. The laminated menu isn't a good sign as is the potato Smiley Faces; or the grinning face of your childs future heart attack. Ordering Ploughmans we are told it will take upto an hour as they are serving in order. Despite the wait and the inability to get a pork pie, cheese and pickles out in under 60 minutes it's preferable to the view of the Mankini.

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