The Rake. Preaching to the converted?

I would think I'm preaching to the converted in writing about Borough's, The Rake so I'll keep it brief. It's one of those placesthat has been on the list for some time, is by no means a trek from work, yet I'd never been. We won't count the weekend when i found it closed and all I could do was stare through the window and vow to return.

The return was with Cockles, Captain English and Hadedar. A relatively brief visit but all the same as I type my head is pulsating with every tap. Let's just say it's like being a kid in a sweet shop, albeit an
alcoholic sweet shop. Where to start? Do I start on the pump or bottles? Arrrr too much choice!

The Darkstar American Pale Ale seemed like a good starting pint. It's maybe here that I should have settled on this as my nights choice. However faced with such choice the Six Hop and Saison came and went. As I made my home the avoidance of the 9% Brewdog had me feeling rather smug, though with my frontal lobe throbbing I feel anything but smug and it isn't helped by seeing today's choices tweeting in my feed. Hair of the Brewdog perhaps?

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